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Our innovative UV technology is developed and produced in our own American factory. The system technology was developed from practice, for practice…reflected in many intelligent innovations.

Contractors know full well that time is money. So do we, which is why we customize our equipment to our liners and each installer. This makes installing our ALPHALINER® ultraviolet-light cured, glass-reinforced pipe (UV GRP) liner a totally user-friendly process – with risk-management and profitability top-of-mind.

Our light sources have the highest emitter output for UV curing of GRP pipe liners


With the introduction of our new UV lamps—with a total output of 24,000 W—even hose liners with very large dimensions (up to DN 1800) and high wall thicknesses (up to 20 mm) can be cured quickly and safely using only UV light.

Depending on the system, the power consumption of the lamps in RELINE UV curing systems can be adjusted in stages, from 300 W to 4,000 W. This enables an exact setting of UV light output for the respective GRP hose liner, as well as the fastest curing speeds available.

Self-regulating lamp technology ensures reliable performance


RELINE UV curing systems have the highest curing performance on the market. They are equipped with permanent performance “smart” monitoring that automatically compensates for the gradual drop in performance of individual lamps over time.

The operation of our unique lamps is constantly checked by electronic ballasts, ensuring constant, reliable electrical performance. This means that over the system’s entire service life, there is always 100% electrical power available, for complete curing at high speeds.

Designed and fabricated for your specific market needs


RELINE AMERICA offers the complete turnkey construction of rehabilitation vehicles, custom-built according to contractor requirements. These vehicles are equipped with our latest UV curing technology, and all equipment required for use on construction sites.

Fully automated and computerized controls are built into the installation equipment on our curing operations trucks, which help technicians follow the proper curing process protocols. RELINE offers users equipment precisely tailored to the Alphaliner, for trenchless pipeline renovation projects that are successful the first time

  • Turnkey rehabilitation vehicles with control panel and cable drum for truck-mounted installation
  • Individual build-out according to contractor requirements, with workbench, lounge area, etc.
  • Installation of high-performance air units (compressors, etc.)
  • Fixed installation of an integrated pressure test unit

Rehabilitation and service vehicle builds

  • Onboard control panel and cable drum
  • Customization with workbench, lounge area, etc., according to customer needs
  • Onboard high-performance air units (compressors, etc.)
  • Builds employ the latest Stage V generator technology
  • Integration of the Power Hybrid intelligent battery system
  • Fixed installation of an integrated pressure test

Choose from fixed or mobile UV curing systems

  • REE2000/4000 Mobile version offers maximum flexibility. Even hard-to-reach construction sites can be accessed with it.
  • REE2000/4000 Professional is permanently installed in a truck case, offering cable lengths up to 1150 feet, and features for particularly convenient system operation.

We offer the same features on our service vehicle builds, for use with the UV curing vehicle on the construction site.

The UV curing system with up to 2000 W output per lamp


All the power you need for a full cure—first time, every time. The RA2000 is a flexible, versatile, high-performance UV system. Choose from multiple light source and cable length versions. This powerhouse is recommended for reaching all parts of pipe diameters from DN 150 to DN1500.


SPEEDCHAIN – 9 x 450w to 700w for DN 150 – DN 500 (DN 600 optional)

With the RA2000 UV curing system, the power consumption of the UV lamps of the RELINE AMERICA Speed Chain light train can be adjusted in stages, from 450 watts to 700 watts.

RapidChain – 8 x 1200w to 2000w  for DN 600 – DN 1500 – Switchable with 1,200 W, 1,600 W, 2,000 W

The power usage of UV lamps of the RELINE AMERICA Rapid Chain light train can be adjusted with the RA2000 UV curing system with 1,200 W, 1,600 W, 2,000 W lamps.

RA2000 Professional

Our RA2000 curing systems are available as a both mobile model (RA2000 mobile) and as a permanent truck case installation (RA2000 professional). The mobile version offers maximum flexibility. Even hard-to-reach construction sites can be accessed with its smaller, more agile footprint. The UV-professional version enables the efficient renovation of very long sewer sections in one operation, thanks to the generous 1000 foot cable drum.

RA2000 Available Models:

  • RA2000 Mobile with 656-foot (200 meter) cable
  • RA2000 Professional with choice of cable reels 1000 foot (305 meter) cabel
Currently the most powerful UV curing technology on the market


With the RA4000, RELINE AMERICA offers the most powerful UV curing technology on the market today? This curing system offers maximum emitter power of up to 6 x 4,000 watts, and enables maximum safety and an autonomous curing process using electronic assistance and documentation systems. The RA4000 can be used for pipe diameters from DN 150 to DN 2000. Thanks to its innovative UV lamp technology, this system offers unrivaled advantages, particularly for large diameters and large wall thicknesses.



10 x 300 W - 600 W for DN 150 - DN 500 (DN 600 optional)


6 x 1,000W To 3,000W for DN600 To DN 1500


6 x 2,000 W - 4,000 W for DN 1400 - DN 2000
The only semi-autonomous UV curing system in the world


Our RA4000 UV curing system is available as both a mobile version and as a permanent truck case installation. The RA4000 Mobile has a cable drum with cable lengths of up to 656 ft/200 meters, and an additional integrated control panel. The RA4000 Professional is equipped with an extra-long curing cable of 1148 ft/350 meters.

Features Include:

  • Autonomous curing process through innovative assistant-controlled curing
  • Dedicated RA4000 control and curing software
  • QR code scanner for curing data transfer (construction site data, initial speed and max. pulling speed, internal pressure)
  • Automatic emergency shutdown if the pressure drops below 50 mbar?


Our innovative Quality Tracker System™, which allows installation crews to control how the ALPHALINER® cures, is game-changing technology that puts us a step ahead of the competition. This system allows installers to see how the liner is conforming to a pipe as it goes in, and to fix potential defects before the liner cures. During that curing process, automated computer controls in our installation equipment guide installers through each step, providing full protocols for critical factors such as light temperatures and how fast the light train travels. The end result: A system that minimizes risk and maximizes the chances for a properly cured liner. Here are some of its key components:



Built-in closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera provides installers with a live video feed inside the liner, prior to the start of curing.


Quality assurance is built into the framework of our installation equipment. These controls help facilitate smooth, successful installations and reduce the possibilities of human error.


The Quality Tracker System™ enables faster installations, because the levels of ultraviolet light are constantly monitored and adjusted. This ensures that the light train delivers the optimal amount of light intensity and wavelength, for just the right amount of time required for proper curing.


The ALPHALINER® system’s ultraviolet lightbulbs are central to the curing process. Our lights are tuned and optimized to the photo-initiator employed in our resin systems, and can be adjusted to various wattage levels. This enables installers to adjust to varying pipe diameters and geometries.


State-of-the-art touchscreen controls display all vital installation information, which is captured by QUALITY TRACKER SYSTEM™ software in real-time during the curing process. This information includes temperatures, monitored by infrared sensors and a thermocouple built into the light train; air pressure inside the pipe, which assures the liner remains fully expanded throughout the curing process; and the speed of and distance traveled by the light train.


If the installation crew encounters an issue on the project site, our 24/7 Support Team can remotely access the curing equipment to troubleshoot and assist for successful installation.


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