As underground infrastructure continues to be the focus of revitalization and replacement efforts, trenchless solutions are gaining traction. Trenchless pipe repair offers a minimally disruptive approach to utility replacement, but achieving success on the first attempt is critical to prevent a protracted, duplicative process. This requires meticulous quality control throughout the entire project life cycle.

Project initiation and preconstruction

Reline America’s commitment to quality control begins at its factory in Saltville, Virginia, which is certified as an ISO 9001 facility and follows the global standard for quality management. Upon the inception of a new project, the initial steps involve gaining a thorough understanding of the project and the asset owner’s needs. This includes a comprehensive review of project specifications to guarantee the chosen liner is the optimal solution for the pipe size, material, and existing damage.

Reline America doesn’t just rely on specifications; our team also conducts a rigorous material selection process. Each batch of Alphaliner liners undergoes strict quality verification procedures to guarantee they meet manufacturing standards for consistency during installation. To help ensure the quality of each installation, all of our installers must also be trained and certified by Reline America.

Construction and on-site monitoring

Once the preconstruction phase is complete, Reline America’s focus on quality control continues throughout the construction process. We provide 24/7 support to promptly address any questions or unforeseen issues encountered during construction. For complex projects or those with new installers, we may even send our highly trained technicians to the site to oversee every step of the relining procedure.

Another cornerstone of Reline America’s on-site quality control is our commitment to automated, computerized controls. These controls help manage the UV curing process to achieve a properly cured and long-lasting liner.

Beyond automation, Reline America takes quality control a step further with our innovative Quality Tracker System. This system integrates several key components to provide real-time data and visual verification during the curing process. It allows technicians to check the liner’s positioning and identify any issues before curing.

When curing begins, the system continuously monitors various parameters to confirm optimal conditions for factors like temperature and the speed of the light train traveling inside the pipe. Throughout this stage, a user-friendly touchscreen interface displays real-time data on temperature, pressure, and curing progress to give technicians a clear and comprehensive overview of the process.

Postconstruction and project completion

The final phase of Reline America’s quality control process helps to ensure a successful and well-documented project. Following the curing stage, a final video inspection is conducted. This inspection verifies the liner has been correctly installed with no gaps or imperfections.

At this point, the data collected by the Quality Tracker System is compiled for future reference. This data provides documentation that demonstrates adherence to established protocols and the optimal curing conditions achieved during the relining process. It serves as a permanent record of the project’s success and can facilitate future maintenance decisions.

Quality installations from start to finish

By prioritizing quality control from project inception to final inspection, Reline America ensures reliable and long-lasting pipe repairs. Our commitment to first-time success, innovative technology like our Quality Tracker System, and focus on customer satisfaction have helped establish us as an industry leader. With Reline America, project managers can be confident their underground infrastructure is in the best hands.

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