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When you choose to become a Reline America factory trained and approved contractor, you choose to be part of a 20-year tradition of pride in quality. We’ve spent two decades building a stellar reputation in the industry for producing the highest quality trenchless pipe liners, equipment and tools custom-designed to work with our liner products, and for standing behind our network of professional installers. Our systems aren’t the cheapest, but you get a lot of added value when you become part of our team.


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    We're A One-Stop Shop

    We provide your liner, equipment, a fully functioning lab, thorough training, and the most comprehensive support in the industry.


    Our installers benefit from 24-hour technical support via phone, text and—when possible—remote jobsite viewing. Our in-person jobsite field guides are available for on-the-spot troubleshooting on particularly challenging jobs.

    Industry Confidence

    Engineers love specifying us, because as a company, we stand behind our installers and our products.


    Reline America’s Alphaliner ultraviolet-curing glass-reinforced pipe offers versatility, strength and a small environmental footprint.
    • Appropriate for pipe diameters 6 to 80 inches in diameter
    • UV-GRP is generally a much stronger product over felt. At any comparable specification, Alphaliner maintains more flow capacity in the pipe, because its innate structural strength allows it to form a thinner wall.
    • Alphaliner is more environmentally friendly than water- or steam-cure felt, because our liner and resin is completely encapsulated in styrene-proof film until cured.


    Contractors with proven years of experience (at our discretion), or those trained and certified through Reline America’s in-house program are eligible for certification to install our UV-GRP liner products, and receive our full industry backing, including


    We provide inhouse training at our facility in Saltville, VA for all new installers, and refresher and update training to existing installers. Comprehensive training is conducted by the technicians and engineers who design and build our equipment, with curricula by those who design and formulate our liner products. 

    Contractors new to the trenchless/pipelining industry, who have never installed a set of UV, felt or other liners, will be brought to our facility at our expense for a week’s training. When their first lining job happens, we’ll send technicians out to the field, to support them in a real-world situation in applying what they learned in simulated classroom sessions.

    For contractors already familiar with lining, we will send technicians to oversee their crews on their first Alphaliner installation. These field guides will remain on their job site, watching them install our product, inspecting their equipment to make sure it can properly cure our product, and ensuring they are following ISO-based best practices and operating procedures.


    Our first step in building our installer network is reviewing opportunities in any given market. Once we’ve approached a municipality or other potential customer, we actively seek new contractor partners if none exist in that area. We identify and arrange to meet them. If we determine they’re qualified, even if they’ve done UV lining with one of our competitors, we start the RA contractor qualification process.

    When new contractors decide to install our products, we invite them to visit our plant, where they’ll meet the technicians who create our products and equipment, and establish what we hope will be solid, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. You’ll never be just a number to us.

    We offer installation equipment for short-term rental, to try if before you buy it. You’ll have a Reline America team member on site through your entire first project, from start to finish, consulting on all things technical.

    Later on, once you’re comfortable installing without our field guides on site, our product and equipment techs can, at your request and with your help to enable the process, activate remote viewing, to see live what’s going on with our trucks and perform troubleshooting. This alone can save you from hundreds of thousands of dollars in projects that might otherwise fail.


    Reline America maintains a job board called Construct Connect, which lists all jobs available in your region. If our salespeople notice a significant number of jobs being put out to bid in areas where we do not have any certified installers, our team attempts to identify existing contractors in the region that could be good representatives and installers of Alphaliner. If we find an opportunity in an area where we already have an installer, we will pass that opportunity on to them.

    We don’t do the traditional sales territory arrangement. Reach out to ask us how we handle this facet of doing business with our certified installer contractors by relentlessly building market penetration.

    Our sale representatives also reach out to municipalities and consulting engineers to try to get our product specified in bid requests, setting up opportunities for success for our certified installers.


    National level – In support of our sales and business development efforts, we as a company participate in large industry trade shows, and advertise in national publications to Keep the Reline America brand top of mind.

    Regional/Local level – We will attend regional and local trade shows on behalf of our certified installers, or we will participate financially with them in the cost of a booth or other appropriate presence.

    Our sales representatives are available on request by our installers to perform “Lunch and Learn” presentations with them, to their local prospects. We’re also constantly meeting with engineers and municipalities on our own to get Alphaliner listed in approved product specs, so that when we do certify a local contractor, the decisionmakers will recognize our brand and respond to the quality reputation.


    We understand that most of our contractors’ installations don’t happen during convenient business hours, so we offer true, 24-7 technical support to those who buy our liners and rent or purchase our equipment.

    If you’re on a job site and it’s 3:00 in the morning, and your crew is having difficulty with the equipment or they’ve got a question about our product, they can call and get a real person on the cell phone immediately. Not a voice message saying we’ll get back to you soon. Not an answering service. You’ll get a technician thoroughly versed in any issue you may be facing. You will never face it alone.

    We’ve got some of the best technical professionals on standby, and that’s who answers the phone. It’s not unheard of for our office staff to come in to work in the morning and find our tech support staff on a call they’ve been on all night, walking a crew through installing a big liner. It’s so worth it, when we’re told that, without that support, the job would have failed.


    Rest assured, we will not do anything that compromises the quality of our product, from the time we make it until it goes into the ground. This network of training and support protects not just our installers, but also our brand. When you join the RA team, you have the comfort of knowing that we’re just not selling to whoever may express interest in our products. If we don’t have confidence in a contractor’s skills and industry savvy, they won’t be installing Alphaliner.

    Failed installations tarnish the brand for others, and we’ll protect your reputation by doing our best to make sure that doesn’t happen. That’s why we did the work to get ISO certified. We believe in the wisdom of embracing established, proven best practices in product quality, training and safety.